AT Moon Drive - Common Questions and Technical Information

Common Questions and Technical Information

Have no idea on where to start with gear drives? We'll try our best to present all of our possible configuration options that is easy to read. If you have any questions or concerns about this product please contact us.

Will I need to cut my motor shaft to install this drive?

Most enclosed gear drives require you to trim the motor shaft.

The longest motor shaft you can use with this gear drive is 26mm, this is measured from the face of the motor can (the part of the motor that interfaces with the gearbox case)

Cutting motor shafts is very easy, you will need a rotary tool, a Dremel for example, or a hacksaw.

In the future I will sell spacers that will mean you do not need to cut your motor shafts if your motor is just a few millimetres longer than required.

What grease shall I use with this gear drive?

We recommend these greases: 

Lucas XTRA duty
Lucas Red n Tacky
Aeroshell 22
Mobil 28
The grease must be safe to use with plastic gears

What setup can I use with this gear drive?

Modular Design Allows For Different Gear Ratios, Trucks And Wheel Hubs



Gear drives vs Belt Drives

Spur Gear drive Belt drive
Gear drives are compact, the motor on your board typically sits within the circumference of the wheel meaning that the motors aren't exposed. Requires more space compared to gear drive. On a belt drive, your normally find that your motors stick out further than your wheels. So when you are
Low friction loss compared to belt drive, therefore higher transmission and more efficiency. High friction loss compared to gear drive, therefore lower transmission and less efficiency.
Requires less maintenance. Build it right and only build it once, gear drives do not require high maintenance, but repair costs is relatively dearer and cumbersome. Requires high inspection and maintenance, but maintenance cost is relatively cheaper and convenient.
Much greater life expectancy than belt drives. An enclosed gear drive system allows you to ride in all terrain conditions and not worry about the damage you are causing to your drivetrain. Low life expectancy than gear drives. When using your board in all terrain/weather conditions you drastically increase the chances of belt damage.
Requires lubrication. Requires no lubrication.
Noisy in operation. Spur gears have a unique whine to them, when accelerating and riding at high speeds you can really hear them scream. Its a noise that some people find addictive, others are less impressed and prefer helical gears. Very quiet in operation.


Choosing Gearing Ratios

With some gear drives you typically have limited options with gearing ratios, when designing the AT Moon Drive we decided that we wanted the end user to have as much choice in the gearing ratio, wheel choice and truck choice. You can change the gearing ratio by swapping out the pinion that is attached to the motor.

You can use this calculator to help you find your top speeds. Most people ask about this so please read this post before contacting us.

Here is a table below to help you pick the right gearing:

Gearing Ratio Description Shaft Size
47/9T 5.2 Typically used for mountainboards with 8 inch wheels. Pinion to be used for 8mm motor shafts only. 8mm Only
47/10T 4.7 Typically used for mountainboards with 8 inch wheels. 8mm or 10mm
47/11T 4.3 Commonly used for urban carvers with 8 inch wheels 8mm or 10mm
47/12T 3.9 Commonly used for high speed urban carvers with 8 inch wheels 8mm or 10mm
47/13T 3.6 Best used with smaller wheels such as 6 inch or 6.5 inch wheels. 8mm or 10mm


Ground Clearance

Distance from the ground to the bottom of the gearbox case

Tyre Size Ground Clearance
6" 20mm
8" 47mm
9" 59mm


Technical Information

Spec Sheet